Over the Edge from BP Spill

On Sunday (yesterday) a most beautiful day, I sat and fretted about the horrific, extensive and severely detrimental conditions to our ecosystem that have been caused by BP. Since April 20th I have been outraged over their negligent oversight of what could have easily been avoided. I cannot comprehend how on earth they could have allowed this great disaster to erupt. The 4th largest corporation in the world could not have taken better precautions to protect our fragile ecosystem from yet more harm?

I am totally and utterly frustrated to the point of near hysteria over this incident. I write to defuse some of this. I’d also like to know how many people are feeling as destroyed over this and so I thought I should create this blog to find out.

This seems like the perfect time to band together with like-minded folks that believe we are waiting way too long to get into the solar energy game. I live in a condo building that I would love to convert into solar energy for heating and cooling.

Please comment with your feedback. I’m interested to hear your views on the spill and solar energy.

Ode to the Sun

Solar Time

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